Sunday, September 23, 2007

Post 24hrs

A long day, inclusive of a performance with Big BoDo band at Urtex , an interesting jam with Seb at level 4 staircase, a good night sleep. some granulation and FFt, few beers and now this blog, A short discription of my last 24 hours. Some other things as well which go unsaid if you know me...
Some interesting recorded sounds from the items in my milkcrate - esp fan and shells, paper n plastic, coins and glass, water n piezzo, air n the wind , you n myself, snoring too. I spent sometime working on super collider, basically preparing for wednesday gig, I have not written as such any completed piece, but collected few ideas with the code and sounds which are ready to be used on on my next performace ie wednesday 8pm @ Exeter. Any way i think some good time spent with milky souls..
Freaking out the scott theatre and security was cool.I like when people complain about sound hurting their delicate ears -- can you please stop this ?( with fear n pain) ? its too loud... .Working with headphones was annoying, Audio Lab was a little boring.. Regardless the idea of 24 hours in one space ( to write music) is great and I wish to do it more often, with milkcrate or on my coming soon , once i reach home, the battery is dead..

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