Saturday, March 24, 2007

Report from the Tpot 10:01pm


Well, we're about eleven hours in and I thought I'd get down to some blogging. Things are going reasonably well - there are six of us this time around including newbie Alice, others include myself, Seb, Damo, Alex and Martin - all seasoned veterans, etc etc.

Again, I'm not using a computer which makes things difficult for me in a fun way, my tools are the trusty Tascam tape deck, minidisc and digital delay pedal. My Milkcrate objects include rocks (as per usual), San Pellegrino bottles, a healing bowl and a red teapot. I've done five pieces so far, but I'll be coming back to them when things start to go weird after midnight.

By the way, I didn't intend to fellate the teapot in the photo - it's not my cup of tea (ho ho..) I did it for art baby!!

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