Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fifth Crate_ First Blog

As this is my frist blog for both Milkcrate- and the internet, first off I would like to say a big hello.

Ok. Now that the introductions are over, I suppose I should discuss the what, why, and how of what I have been doing in the current milkcrate so far!

Things are not looking so good right now for me. At this point I have normally composed at least three songs, currently I have only one under my belt. However this is not really the problem. The problem is that right now, and for the forseable future I feel completely artistically dry. And after such a good start! As I was so excited in regard to my personal Milkcrate theme: "B" grade movie culutre. I was envisioning composing a 4 song saga based on such films as "Plan 9 from Outer Space", (to name a well known example). Well- its not too late yet! My first song, entitled Scopitone, pertains to the Scopitone Film dukebox popular in the 1960's. The company went under in the late 60's due to possible mob allergations.

The piece - "Scopitone"- sounds like something from a crazy "B" grade film (as it should). I used only a few samples, drink bottle blowing, wok cover hitting, and a square tube of metal. I tried to make it sound as "B" grade as possible.

I feel a bit of energy resurfacing itself in me now, so I will get back to the crating! Good Crate!

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