Sunday, February 04, 2007

Signals In A Snowstorm

This is my first crate in over a year (my last one was #6!) but goodness me how productive I am. I've just finished my first track using Chris' samples of textiles and a telephone beep.

I have made a vow of not using a computer at all during this 24 session with the exception of uploading/downloading audio and of course blogging (which is very important.)

So the piece you can hear was made by using an A-B repeat function on my minidisc player and recording straight to seperate tracks on my Tascam 424 tape deck, manipulating EQ in realtime and running the telephone beep through a digital delay.

Aural barbed wire.


Signals In A Snowstorm

1 comment:

Sebastian Tomczak said...

Sounds great. It's got a nice industrial feel to it, doesn't it? Look forward to more, t.