Sunday, February 04, 2007

Putting a face and crate to my name

Hey there, Tpot is posting..

My crate contents as follows.

  • jar of sugar
  • jar of coffee
  • terracotta pot
  • metal bowl
  • beer bottle with water in it
  • guitar slide
  • 2 small springs
  • 2 tin cans
  • five various rocks
Tpot (aka Tristan)


Sebastian Tomczak said...

kira the cat is admiring your setup...

Martin said...

She may have been looking for a bowl of Nescafe. But Tristan forgot to bring the milk ;)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

hey martin good to hear from you man. Hope your projects are shaping up nicely - i checked up on poppi's website again, much updated. i like the nav on it. and the bg pics are a nice touch also

Martin said...

hey seb. yep, poppi did a nice job. the content is (AFAIK) all her own design. I'm only helping with making it compatible for all browsers. lotsa work though, dreamweaver writes messy code ;)

I look forward to hearing some pieces.

Sebastian Tomczak said...

try using frontpage.......