Friday, January 04, 2008

Milkcrate 21: "Subatomic Monster" now online

Subatomic Monster (2008)
David Gustafsson and Sebastian Tomczak.
Empty milkcrates.

This first milkcrate session of 2008 features a strong science-fiction theme and includes tracks inspired by a particular range of genres such as synth pop, sound art and video game sountracks.

Recommended tracks include A Temporary Lapse, Nebula, The Collapse, Heavy, The Moon 2149, Natural Resource, Airships and Tumbleweed.

Future Missile Head (3:04)
Subatomic Monster (5:20)
Deep Space Cruising (5:40)
Nebula (5:00)
Syntax Error (4:06)
The Metaphysical Side of Time Travel (2:23)
A Temporary Lapse (8:44)
Vortex (0:51)
Non-Reality Agent (2:21)
Hammer of Wrath (2:40)
Perfect Little Planetoid (1:48)
One Billion A.D. (3:46)
Association (1:37)
Itch (2:04)
Photino Dawn (5:26)
Tumbleweed (4:53)
Heavy (3:17)
Mount Doom (4:17)
The Collapse (6:20)
Natural Resource (3:48)
The Moon, 2149 (2:22)
Twelve Light Years (2:21)
Weak Boson (0:43)
Muon (0:43)
Hall (2:39)
Airships (4:20)
Dependency (2:13)
Haste (1:04)


Tristan Louth-Robins said...

Well done chaps, given the amount of tracks produced it seems to have been a particularily hedonistic session! :)

Sebastian Tomczak said...

yeah. just in excess of 1.5 hours worth.