Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ok. I've officially lost it. I have hit a creative peak and fighting sleep simultaneously. The only thing I am allowing myself to consume for the Milkcrate is water (in the first post I said I was fasting) so coffee is out of the question. I don't want to find myself curled up on the floor trying to get comfortable enough to sleep (it has happened before) but that may be what happens if I don't get my second wind sometime soon.

My 2nd piece has some whistle type sounds and a really cool bass. It also has one of the best bass and snare combinations I have ever achieved. I have the sounds sorted and am taking it as far as I can bare it, then I'll finish it ASAP.

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Sebastian Tomczak said...

fight the enemies sleep and hunger! you can do it damian!

i like the first piece. it's got a nice 16 bit video game feel to it.
nice bell sounds and clapping sounds and synthy type ones too. Good variety! Good production (I would expect nothing less from West)