Tuesday, April 17, 2007

milkcrate 15 the end of shift two

from staff's post to invisible prisons forum.

"La di da di dahhhh.......

I can't post on the blog so I'll do my ranting here.
We speed on through time and space towards the 8 hour mark.
Seb's a little over halfway through his second 2 hour shift, working on something, not 100% sure what, sounded noisy and industrial - though now it's gone all synthy and cool. w00t. My last shift was spent making a synth+drum thing that was very muse-ish. Don't think there's been more uploaded yet. This off-period I've taken a leaf from the book o' Seb and entered the wonderful world of pre-recording stuff using the DS... lots of noisy loops that I'll use... for... I'm not sure yet... Getting a bit of a headache from tinkering with the delay pedal to make loops. did some stuff with paper and scissors that was sounding pretty cool... also blew across paper like a reed to get cool sounds. I'm thinking of cutting up my loops and doing something a la Karl Sanders. yay!"

get the stuff from shift 1 here:

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nishi said...

Wow! This tracks rocks!!

I particularly like your use of tones and spaces.

Keep it up!