Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Doser

Bonjour! C'est moi, Martin. I've been awake for 23 hrs now, although the clock says it's only been 22 because we've turned it back an hour due to daylight saving ending. During that time I've drank 5 cups of coffee, txt'ed my girlfriend about 50 times (ok, that's an exageration), and composed three very short pieces. We are scheduled to finish at 10 o'clock (four hours from now), that gives me enough time to write a blog entry or two and work on the group track that Damo has started.

The samples I've used the most are: a ringing glass struck with my finger, scrunched up aluminium foil, and a plucked rubber band - quite standard milkcrate fare. Seb's done some interesting things with a home made square wave generator, and Tristan has made some exsiting acoustic discoveries with his teapot.

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