Monday, June 26, 2006

20060626 3:55

I slept for a short while. Besides this, I have been working on a failed max msp patch- doesnt sound good enough- although I might use a small amount of the results as in between song filler. Maybe. I have also messed with the form of track 2 quite a bit- its a bit longer now- and is now by far my best track I have done by myself in a milkcrate. Ever. (I say this now ;). Anyways, at any rate I have been very unproductive in terms of the bigger picture. But I guess there are always some moments of inefficiency in any milkcrate...

Here are two more tracks.
Sort of fractal in nature. It is called "The Statue" for the time being. Although maybe none of the tracks will have names by the end. Who knows?
Even though this one is short, I quite like it because of the mysterious chords or whatever and the glitchiness to it.

One more thing: I really have been finding it increasingly difficult to think of ideas around this 220ms sample. Man! But it really is quite short you know---

I have got much more energy now!

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