Saturday, April 15, 2006

Slow start

Nishi's Log, 14:33

Almost 2 hours have passed and still not much to show for it. I have spent over 30 mins setting up, an hour on making feedback, and another half an hour trying to work out how to write blogs and include pictures. I do have 21 minutes of recorded feedback though, which I will be using for my first piece, or my second piece if I get bored.

To get feedback, I used GarageBand to 'monitor' the microphone and added FX to make the feedback more interesting.

Next I used the objects to create different resonances. Because they are all different sizes, shapes and materials they gave contrasting feedback sounds.

I'll slowly turn what I recorded into a song, but I am feeling homesick from my PC, which is what I normally use for Milkcrate. Slightly off the topic, I was trying to think of different names for this Milkcrate. So far only I only have 2 lame names, EMUcrate and M'crate007. Has anyone else given it some thought?

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