Friday, April 14, 2006



Only 12 hours to go until M'crate007 and I still haven't decided on what to put in my 'crate.

I have had 2 'good' ideas though. My first was yesterday and it was to use only include alcoholic beverages, i.e. wine bottles, beer cans, beer bottles, e.t.c, however I was too busy to visit the bottle store before it closed and as today is Good Friday there is no chance to buy alcohol until 9 o'clock tomorrow which is when M'crate007 begins.

My other idea was to use building materials, having spent all day mixing concrete for my parents new shed I have come across many suitable objects which could give my 'crate a common 'theme'.

I must check if it ok to include my laptop. It isn't a common musical instrument, and i would only be using it for feedback. For a 'free' program, GarageBand kicks but for being able to create simple feedback loops.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, GarageBand has instruments included in the package, but this should be no different from the time Tristan or myself used speakers, microphones, mixers and FX to create funky feedback loops. I would love to hear what people think on this issue.

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Lauren Sutter said...

Hey there 'Craters!
Ganbatte - Goodluck with EMUCrate. We will be keeping an eye on you all via the computer website blog. Keep on trucking. And its good to see quite a few of you 'specialising' in materials - ie. alcoholic beverages, food (in Sebs case), and so forth. 'Tis a nice self-imposed restriction to keep you all on your toe-craters. Keep well.