Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well I'm tired as fuck, but it's been an interesting Journey. The first quarter was tedious and not so fun as it was spent bouncing down audio. The 2nd quarter was great because I could finally write something with my bounced audio files (although most of them I didn't end up using anyway). The last half were a bit blurry because of sleep deprivation, but I remember the first part being quite frustrating because I wrote a good half a song, but ran out of inspiration and it sorta died there... I came back to it later though and finished it off to be something I was quite pleased with. Probably one of the least contributors to the Maximum time pool, I totalled 3 pieces with just over 9 minutes. Overall it was definately a challenge, but because of what i've learnt, i'm sure it wont be hard difficult the next time through.

The method of composing I chose to start off with (record and extract samples, then create music with them) didn't work quite as well as Rohan, David's and... well actually everyone elses method which was to start with no samples and just record and arrange them as you go along. Although I didn't really get to try this method out, I figure it would have been a more enjoyable method of composing, and a more productive one too.

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