Saturday, April 15, 2006

6+ Hours... slogging away

Well so far I've spent a couple of hours in Studio 1 recording some feedback from one mic with a tube into two other mics recording the speaker output. The speakers themselves had some aluminium foil covering the drivers to give the sound a metallic snare sounding touch.

So now i've been in the Mac lab for the last couple of hours tediously bouncing down some files... All prep and no play has caused great dismay... but i'm almost done. The plan is then to put my files into Plogue and create 'something' out of that.

Rohan slogging

Rohan's Palette of Colours

Seb's hands slogging

Damian and Alex slogging

David slogging

1 comment:

Lauren Sutter said...

Geez, you boys seemed to have done a lot of slogging between you. What a worry... !
Keep well, and good luck. The path ahead of you beholds terrors of which no man can speak, but with persistence and fortitude you hold the key.